This is where it all begins. This will not only help you differentiate and define your USP, but will have a bearing on almost all the steps ahead. Do your market research, see what’s trending, what’s missing, what could work and what doesn’t. In short, make an informed decision.

With competition tougher than ever, standing out in a crowded marketplace is must for success. Modern Cafes need to be more than just a coffee or burger outlet. It needs to have that unique something which attracts the customers and makes them keep coming back. There are a number of ways that you can add something unique to your cafe:

  • Specialty Cafes – does your Cafe/QSR specialize in something which makes it stand out amongst competition in your area? Giving your cafe a Specialty-image will give consumers a reason to choose it over others.
  • Theme – choosing a theme for your cafe adds a novelty factor that can capture a customer’s curiosity.
  • Products – your cafe’s concept could be based around the products that you serve, for example, vintage cupcakes or even jumbo-vada-pavs.
  • Styling – a unique sense of interior styling can sometimes be enough to attract the footfalls and keep them glued to your brand.

Another word of caution here: be creative while choosing a Concept but be very focussed towards operational practicality, feasibility and uniqueness of the idea in the long run.

You will also need to consider some other important and critical elements of concept, which will determine the entire operations process of your business. For example:

  • What will be your prime offering - Food or Beverages?
  • Will you offer table service, or will customers order at the counter?
  • Will your service be takeaway style, table service, or both? These are all important elements to bear in mind while planning your startup, as they will impact your cafe’s overall proposition.